MGEU - Manitoba Government and General Employees Union

Our Leadership

The MGEU is a democratically-run organization.

Through "majority rule," members elect their fellow members as stewards, table officers and convention delegates. At the MGEU Convention held every two years, a member-based board of directors works with elected delegates to make decisions regarding overall union policy, direction and goals.

Throughout the year, the Provincial Officers provide direction for the union along with the rest of the Board of Directors,who are elected from specific Locals and each provincial Area. As well, Standing Committees, chaired by a board member plus one member elected from each provincial Area, work throughout the year to forward progressive policies and benefits on behalf of their fellow members.

MGEU Board of Directors

MGEU Board Mandate

The Board will provide high-level oversight to the management of the MGEU, to ensure that the objectives of the organization related to the needs and priorities of its members are met. The Board will demonstrate leadership to its members, through authentic engagement and the creation, support, and communication of new strategies, to ensure that the MGEU remains as relevant in the future as it is today. The Board will invest in their own foundations, related to their structure, processes, development, and evaluation, to ensure that they have the opportunity and capacity to govern effectively, and to lead by example.

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MGEU Provincial Officers

  • President: Kyle Ross
  • 1st Vice President: Cris Quon
  • 2nd Vice President: Kimberley Lynn
  • 3rd Vice President: Kirk Carr
  • 4th Vice President: Jean-Paul Lapointe

Civil Service Component Directors

  • Administration: Michelle Scebenski
  • Clerical: Siobhan McLeod
  • Corrections: Jeffrey Ready
  • Physical Sciences: Brian Wilson
  • Social Sciences: Shannon Reynolds
  • Trades: Eldon Bergson

Area Directors

  • Area 01: Jordan King
  • Area 02: Tammy Crowe
  • Area 03: Dean Werbiski
  • Area 04: Michelle Mansell
  • Area 05: Annette Lyss
  • Area 06: Andrew Milejszo
  • Area 07: Tracy Groenewegen
  • Area 08: Terry-Lyn Gagnon

Component Directors

  • Community Support: Cora Meyer
  • Community-Based Social Services: Stephanie Swain
  • Educational Support: Carrie Logan
  • Golico: David Hill
  • Health Care Support Services: Shelly Rougeau
  • MPI: Brad Barr
  • Post Secondary Education: Matthew Fontaine
  • Technical / Professional: Veronica Boychuk

Worker Representative

  • IAM 1919: Nicole Gariepy