MGEU - Manitoba Government and General Employees Union

SPIKE Inc. (Supporting People's Independence Knowledge & Empowerment) - Local 266

Approx. Number of Members
Current Contract Expires
March 31, 2023
MGEU Staff Negotiator
Brian Spencler
Elected Bargaining Committee Members
Dapo Obasa


Members of SPIKE Inc. - Local 266 ratified a new four-year collective agreement on Saturday, November 18, 2023.

Highlights include retroactive wage adjustments for members employed since April 1, 2023, an increase to overnight premiums, changes to vacation, and improvements to probationary period requirements.

Members are encouraged to make sure the union has their most current contact information in order to receive a copy of their new collective agreement once it is available.

Overview of Bargaining

Members of SPIKE Inc. (Supporting People's Independence Knowledge & Empowerment) - Local 266 had an opportunity to put forward their ideas and proposals for improving their collective agreement at a meeting on February 4, 2023.

The Bargaining Committee then worked to pull together these proposals into a bargaining package.

The Bargaining Committee presented this package to the employer on Wednesday, April 12 and negotiations continued on Tuesday, April 18, 2023.

The Bargaining Committee continued negotiations with the employer on June 26, 2023 and bargaining resumed September 6, 2023.

The SPIKE Inc. - Local 266 Bargaining Committee reached a tentative agreement with the employer on Thursday, November 2, 2023.

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