MGEU - Manitoba Government and General Employees Union

Corrections - Component 2

Approx. Number of Members
Current Contract Expires
March 19, 2023
MGEU Staff Negotiator
Chris Drosdoski
Elected Bargaining Committee Members
Jeff Ready (Component Director), Treasure Dube, Renno Fleury, Steve Howells, Andrew Niven, Les Saskowski, Peter Yourchenko


Members of the Civil Service ratified a new collective agreement on January 29, 2024. Members of the Corrections Component also ratified a new Corrections sub-agreement.

Members employed for the duration of the Civil Service agreement will see their wages increase by approximately 14% over four years. In many cases, depending on classification and years of service, wage increases will exceed 14%. These increases are achieved by :

- general wage increases of 2.5% (2023), 2.75% (2024), 3% (2025) and 3% (2026);
- addition of a new step (an additional 2.5%) at the top of each wage scale, and advancement of all members to the next step of their wage scale, effective October 7, 2023;
- a consequent increase to the 20-year long service step (to maintain the 2% differential), effective October 7, 2023;
- addition of a new 25-year long service step (effective March 23, 2024).

Other highlights of the four-year collective agreement (March 25, 2023 through to March 19, 2027) include:

  • A one-time lump-sum signing bonus of $1,800 per full-time employee ($900 for part-time employees);
  • Improvements to member health benefits;
  • An amount equivalent to 1.4% of payroll would be allocated to provide additional wage increases for classifications experiencing serious recruitment and retention challenges;
  • Legal indemnification for members who face legal proceedings as a result of their work. 

All changes to the Civil Service agreement highlighted above apply to Corrections members with the following differences:

  • Addition of a new step at the top of each wage scale in the Corrections Component which is an additional 3.25% rather than the 2.5% for all other classifications. (Corrections members will not be included in the fund above regarding recruitment and retention challenges.);
  • MOA #1 Part Time Employees of the Corrections Component sub-agreement is amended such that seniority will be the only determining factor in employees being converted from part-time to full-time status (NOVP).

Bargaining Overview

In August, the government proposed that all outstanding monetary proposals for the Corrections Component Sub-agreement, including proposed special wage adjustments, be referred to binding arbitration.

The four-year offer, which did not include any special wage adjustments or monetary improvements, was conditional on the union committing that there would be no strike action by any members of the Corrections Component, as it relates to the Sub-agreement.

The Corrections Bargaining Committee recommended that members vote to reject the Sub-agreement offer.
Voting for the Sub-agreement, as well as the Civil Service Master Agreement/strike mandate, was conducted online.

Discussions about the Component Sub-agreement offer took place at Information Sessions and Corrections Local meetings happening throughout the province in September -- beginning with the Local 13, Area 5 meeting on September 13 and concluding with the Local 14, Area 7 meeting on September 27, 2023.

On October 6, 2023, Civil Service members voted overwhelmingly to reject the government's unfair settlement offer, while also providing their Bargaining Committee with a strong strike mandate.

Corrections members also voted to reject the government’s offer on their Component Sub-agreement.

View the Corrections Bargaining Update (sent September 15, 2023) here

This is the first time in MGEU history that Civil Service members have voted to give their bargaining committee a strike mandate.

Given the comments Premier Wab Kinew made during, and since the election, there is good reason to believe that the new government may take a more fair and constructive approach at the bargaining table.

The MGEU urged the new government to make Civil Service negotiations a priority once they took office.

The Civil Service Bargaining Committee resumed negotiations with the employer on November 29, 2023, and further talks took place on December 14, 2023.

The Bargaining Committee also met with Civil Service activists from across the province in December to provide them with a bargaining update and to discuss potential job actions and picketing protocols.

MGEU staff and legal counsel met with employer representatives throughout the fall and into December at a separate table to discuss which work functions would be deemed essential during a work stoppage, and how many members would be required to do this. In the first week of December, the two sides met to discuss a number of challenging areas with the aid of a third-party mediator.

The Civil Service Bargaining Committee resumed negotiations with the employer on November 29 and December 14, 2023.

The Civil Service Bargaining Committee and the Corrections Bargaining Committee both reached tentative agreements with the employer on January 12, 2024.

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