MGEU - Manitoba Government and General Employees Union

HCSS/Community Support - Locals 402, 403, 405, 413, 421 and 456

Approx. Number of Members
Current Contract Expires
March 31, 2024
MGEU Staff Negotiator
Angela Bouchard
Elected Bargaining Committee Members


The HCSS/Community Support - Locals 402, 403, 405, 413, 421 and 456 Bargaining Committee met with the employer on March 19, 2024 to exchange bargaining proposals. Bargaining will continue every Tuesday starting April 9, 2024. Dates have been scheduled into June 2024.
Just a reminder: though the collective agreement expires at the end of this month, it is still in effect until members ratify a new one. The MOA that was negotiated on recruitment and retention incentives, including the weekend super premium, will also remain in place until a new agreement is ratified.

Overview of Bargaining So Far

Members of HCSS - Locals 413, 421 and 456 had an opportunity to put forward their ideas and propoals for improving their collective agreement at a number of proposal meetings across the province throughout January and February 2024.

All members were encouraged to come out, discuss their priorities and concerns, and vote on which proposals they'd like to go forward to the employer.

The Bargaining Committee then worked to pull together these proposals into a package to present to the employer.

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