MGEU - Manitoba Government and General Employees Union

Information for Convention Delegates

At Convention 2023, delegates will elect the MGEU’s Provincial Table Officers to represent the union over the next twenty-four months. Delegates also have an important role in debating, listening, and voting on resolutions, which have been submitted by MGEU members at Local, Area Council, Component Executive, and Standing Committee meetings following the procedures stipulated in the MGEU Constitution and Bylaws.

The Resolutions Committee reviews and categorizes all submitted resolutions.

Convention 2023 ZOOM Background

2023-09-07-CUKU-ZOOM-background.jpg (93 KB)Delegates attending Convention 2023 online can download the Convention background to apply in ZOOM. Please keep in mind that if your device or your Internet connection is a bit slow.

Important Documents for Delegates 

Convention FAQs

Elected delegates will find answers to most of their questions in the MGEU Convention Delegate Booklet, which is being sent to Online Delegates the week of October 10 and will be provided to In-person Delegates when they check-in to register at Convention. An electronic version of the booklet will also be uploaded to this page before Convention begins.

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Convention. If you have any other question that isn’t answered here, please contact the MGEU Resource Centre.

Can non-delegates watch the Convention?

Yes. Convention Proceedings from October 19 to 21, 2023 will be live-streamed publicly on the Special Convention home page.

How do members become a Convention delegate?

Delegates and alternates attending the MGEU's Convention this October 19 – 21, 2023 were elected in the spring of 2023. Should you wish to become a delegate for the next Convention, you must be nominated by a fellow member at your Local meeting. These Local meetings are usually held about six months in advance of Convention. Local Members present at the meeting vote to decide who is elected. The number of delegates elected by your Local is determined by the Local’s size. For example, a Local of 150 members or less is entitled to send one delegate to Convention.

Does the MGEU cover my time away from work as a delegate?

Yes. As long as delegates complete the Delegate Registration Information form contained in the information package sent to them, indicating the dates and times they are scheduled to work are during the Convention, the MGEU will cover their time away from work. If so, a time off letter is sent to the member with a copy, which must be presented to the member's immediate supervisor.

Are accommodations available for out-of-town delegates?

Accommodations will be available for anyone living outside Winnipeg (150 km round trip). A block of rooms will be reserved at the Victoria Inn. The MGEU will arrange to pay basic room charges (with taxes) and parking for one vehicle. Delegates can indicate their accommodation needs on the Delegate Registration Information form. All other hotel charges are the responsibility of the delegate and must be paid for when checking out.

What if I’m an out-of-town delegate, but plan to stay with family or friends instead of the hotel?

Members who do not wish to stay at the hotel can claim mileage, parking and private accommodation (if staying with family or friends) on a member expense form. See the MGEU Policy & Procedures Manual for more information submitting expenses for staying at private accomodations.

What do I do if I’m no longer able to attend as a delegate?

Please contact the MGEU Resource Centre as soon as possible to advise that you are unable to attend. If you fail to notify the MGEU of your absence, you may be responsible for covering some expenses, and your time-off request from work will not be honoured.

Are child care costs covered by the Union?

As per MGEU policy, delegates can be reimbursed for child/elder care expenses while attending union-related business. Claimants are required to fill out and submit the Childcare/Eldercare Expense Form. Those who are able to find other means of care (i.e. family or friends) are encouraged to do so.

What should I expect as a first-time delegate?

The MGEU encourages first-time delegates to attend the New Delegates’ School held right before Convention. This seminar will help new delegates participate in debate by explaining some of the rules of order and other basic Convention procedures. It's also a good idea to review the Delegate Guide provided to delegates before Convention.