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Education Support Workers

It's a big job. And it's no small part in our kids' success.

It takes a lot of work to keep Manitoba's schools running and help students focus on learning. And thousands of Education Support Workers make it happen, every day.

Education Support Workers provide critical supports for Manitoba's students and teachers:

  • Working in classrooms to provide one-on-one support,
  • Supporting teachers and helping parents stay connected,
  • Providing resources and making the latest books available in school libraries,
  • Keeping kids safe crossing busy streets, to and from school,
  • Updating and maintaining technology to help our kids learn,
  • Cleaning and maintaining schools so they're safe for everyone,

And so much more!

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Dedicated to our kids' success

Did you know...

  • Support workers across the province keep 690 public schools running and serve more than 212,000 Manitoba students.
  • School librarians keep track of almost 3 million books made available to Manitoba students.
  • Educational assistants are the largest occupational group in Manitoba's educational services sector, making up over 15% of the workforce.
  • Of the 44,000 people who work in Manitoba's public schools, two-thirds are women.
  • Custodians clean close to 400 kilometres of hallways and classrooms in Manitoba schools, every day. That's the distance from Brandon to Falcon Lake!
  • Nearly 2,000 MGEU members work in 95 Manitoba public schools.

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Are you an Education Support Worker?

Thousands of MGEU members work in schools and communities across Manitoba. Being part of a union provides Education Support workers with a strong voice and the respect they deserve. From bargaining to health and safety, workers' compensation, pensions, grievances, and more, MGEU works to support our members every step of the way.

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