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Cristina Bueti: Public Health Inspector - Local 040


"When I'm able to use my knowledge and training to educate someone I encounter in the course of my work, I know that I can help them make the right choice."

Cristina Bueti is a Public Health Inspector and has been in that position for three years. She’s a member of Local 040 in Physical Sciences.

Public Health Inspectors are health professionals who work on the frontlines and are trained to ensure that standards are met in public spaces such as restaurants and grocery stores, public swimming pools and whirlpools, daycares and care facilities, tattoo and piercing parlours, rental housing and children’s camps, and fairs and festivals, just to name a few of the program areas.

During inspections, Public Health Inspectors identify hazards, assess risks, investigate any problems, educate operators, and enforce the law.

Since Cristina believes that working in the public sector allows her to have the most impact on protecting the health and safety of the public, her choice to become a Public Health Inspector was an easy one. Cristina has a Degree in Environmental Health and her national certification with the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors. This training allows her to thoroughly inspect public facilities, review engineered plans, enforce laws, and assess any situation that may affect human health.

On any given day of her job, Cristina may begin by visiting your child’s daycare to ensure the environment is safe, then later visiting a restaurant to inspect their food handling premises and practices, and after that going to a public swimming pool to test water quality by taking samples for lab analysis.

Since Cristina is a public sector employee, she is able to work within public spaces and follow the directives of the Public Health Act. She is able to implement changes in public facilities to protect the health and safety of the people who use them. That’s when she can prevent illness and injury from happening, one inspection at a time. She finds it very rewarding to be able to use her knowledge and training to have an impact in such a variety of ways.

Public Health Inspectors work behind the scenes to ensure standards are met for the safety and health of all Manitobans in all public spaces. Public Health Inspectors serve as providers of preventative care in the communities they work in. As the he public’s safety is their top priority, they are the ones that keep public facilities accountable.

Cristina is currently the Steward of Local 040 and has had the privilege of attending courses and programing to to assist her in helping her fellow members. She attends union meetings regularly so that she is able to stay knowledgeable and up-to-date with what’s happening in her union and thereby making sure that the voices of those she represents are heard.

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