Diagnostic Services Manitoba members have rejected the employers’ final offer after a month of voting.

MGEU President, Michelle Gawronsky says the rejection was partly in response to a lack of respect shown at the bargaining table toward DSM members.

“It’s clear, our members were frustrated. Not only by the length of time it took to bargain the deal, but also by the lack of attention paid by the employer to a number of important issues put forward by our members.”

The group, comprised of laboratory and imaging technologists and medical laboratory assistants, was seeking some relief to the ongoing recruitment and retention problems currently experienced in many parts of the province. Members have also been dealing with problems within the classification structure, but solutions to those issues were never discussed or dealt with by the employer at the bargaining table or in the final offer.

Now that the offer has been voted down, the bargaining committee will now contact the employer and request that the two sides return to the bargaining table in order to reach a resolution.