The MGEU is happy to welcome two more new groups this month. The Pas Regional Library (Local 440) and Les Tournesols de Saint-Vital (Local 441) are both now officially MGEU Locals.

Nine new members from The Pas Regional Library (the only community library in the area) voted to join the MGEU earlier this month, while 24 members of Les Tournesols de Saint-Vital voted to join the MGEU last week. Local 441 members provide Francophone child care, a service that’s in high demand in South Winnipeg.

These new additions now bring the tally to four new MGEU Locals who have joined within the past two months. All have organized with the union after the introduction of Bill 7, which made joining a union more difficult for workers.

“Despite Bill 7, we’ve continued to see growth as new groups approach our union looking for representation. It’s great that they’re choosing MGEU and it’s even better that their organizing drives have been so successful. A big, warm MGEU welcome to everyone from Local 440 and 441.”

The first step for both new Locals is to hold elections and establish their bargaining committees who will be working to negotiate their first collective agreements.