After an extremely challenging round of bargaining, GOLICO (government liquor workers) members have conditionally accepted the employer’s settlement offer.

The GOLICO Bargaining Committee negotiated some significant gains in the agreement including protection against piecemeal contracting out, improvements to working conditions in the Distribution Centre, and strengthening member rights in the workplace.

The Bargaining Committee was also able to successfully fight back against the rollbacks and concessions that the employer brought to the bargaining table.

However, it was clear during ratification meetings that members were looking for more in this round of negotiations. The message to the employer – and on the ballot – was that the offer is only accepted on the condition that the MGEU continue to fight Bill 28 – The Public Services Sustainability Act, which the Province has passed to impose a cap on public sector wage settlements.

MGEU has joined with more than 25 other unions in a court challenge that seeks to have Bill 28 struck down as unconstitutional. Even if it means going all the way to the Supreme Court, it is the MGEU’s commitment to pursue an additional wage settlement if the challenge is successful.