As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip Manitoba, the staffing situation in health care facilities has become critical. The MGEU and the Provincial Health Labour Relations Secretariat (PHLRS) are in discussions to revise the COVID Redeployment Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) we signed off last Spring to support members who are disrupted by staffing shortages. In the meantime, we have agreed to the following additional compensation for affected HCAs:

Any HCA who volunteers or is required by the employer to:

  1. Modify their shift schedule and/or
  2. Work in a PCH in an outbreak situation or ICU/CCU in their own facility/site (not applicable to regularly scheduled shifts within these units) or
  3. Work in an alternate facility or site, in a PCH, ICU or CCU

will be provided a $25 premium per shift worked in the event of either 1, or 2, or a combination of 1 and 2 above.

The $25 is provided for each shift in each day, regardless of whether or not the shifts are worked consecutively. This premium is provided in addition to any other premium/compensation or benefit entitlement under the collective agreement.

In the event an HCA is assigned as per item 3, they shall be provided compensation as per the MOA on COVID Redeployment. If in the case of assignment as per 3, is in conjunction with a shift change as per item 1, they shall receive the $25 premium in addition to the premiums provided as per the MOA.

Any HCA who accepts or volunteers to work in an owned and operated PCH in an outbreak situation or ICU/CCU as an additional shift or overtime shift, as opposed to a regularly scheduled shift, shall be provided, over and above any other applicable premiums, $20 premium for each such shift worked.

This agreement is understood to be entirely without prejudice and precedent to the positions taken by either Employer or Union with respect to the applicability and/or interpretation of the COVID Redeployment MOA, or any current or future grievance or dispute between the parties as to the interpretation or application of that existing MOA.

This agreement will be in place until next Friday, November 20, 2020, at which time we hope to have revisions made to the COVID Redeployment MOA. The MGEU will share further updates with affected members.

Again, the premiums above are in addition to compensation agreed to in the MOA.

HCAs can contact the MGEU if they have any questions about this issue.