Late yesterday, the MGEU’s Health Care Support Bargaining Committees achieved tentative agreements on behalf of Prairie Mountain Health and Interlake Eastern RHA support staff who work in health care facilities and throughout the community.

“This round of negotiations has been a profoundly long and difficult process,” MGEU President Kyle Ross said, “and all the while, MGEU health care support members have worked tirelessly on behalf of the patients and clients they serve. Despite unimaginable circumstances and overwhelming demands, their commitment has been unwavering. Health care support workers have literally kept our health care system afloat. Acknowledgement of this vital work is long overdue.”

A summary of contract highlights will be shared with members only, who will have an opportunity to review and discuss changes at information sessions prior to casting their ballots through a ratification vote.

“These workers deserve recognition for the pivotal role they play within our health care system, and these new agreements are a significant step in the right direction,” Ross said. “In addition to a number of monetary improvements, the agreements contain groundbreaking provisions for home care workers including paid rest periods, evening and night premiums, maternity leave top-up, and a commitment to further negotiations in the very near future on the expansion of sick leave, health care benefits and pensions. We are committed to continuing these important efforts on our members’ behalf.”

Both Bargaining Committees are recommending acceptance of the offers.

“My congratulations and heartfelt thanks go to both Committees who worked so hard on behalf of their co-workers, and to our many members who supported the Committee’s efforts and showed such patience and support,” Ross said.