MGEU members from Les Tournesols child care centre, Local 441, went back to work this morning after being on strike for four weeks. 

“Going on strike was the last thing anyone wanted, and we’re grateful that we were able to finally reach an agreement,” said MGEU President, Kyle Ross.  “This is only the second collective agreement for this group, and it has been a very turbulent time for our members, parents and children.”

The MGEU had been in negotiations with the employer at the daycare for about a year prior to going on strike. During that year, the employer refused to withdrawal even one single cut to the collective agreement from their proposal package.  The MGEU even proposed that a third party – an Arbitrator – hear from both sides and settle the terms of the agreement, but Les Tournesols refused.  All of these factors resulted in the strike action. 

“The employer was looking for concessions across the board, but the union and these dedicated workers stood strong,” added Ross.  “We had success in preventing major cuts to the collective agreement including sick leave and bereavement leave.  As well, we succeeded in convincing the employer to access provincial funds that will provide early childhood educators with an almost $3.00 per hour raise.”

The new five year agreement is in place as of April 2021. 

Early Childhood Educators at Les Tournesols de Saint-Vital are responsible for 150 young children at the child care centre. The MGEU represents 16 people in the workplace.