The MGEU Board of Directors has voted to host a special one-day Virtual Convention on Friday, February 24, 2023 to debate and vote on proposed constitutional and policy changes that would strengthen MGEU’s position at the bargaining table.

After several challenging rounds of bargaining, employers across Manitoba continue to resist wage increases that keep pace with the rising cost of living. At the same time, surging inflation is eroding the purchasing power of member wages.

“Our members are falling behind. We need to catch up and keep up,” says MGEU President, Kyle Ross. “With several of our largest bargaining units either in bargaining or entering negotiations in the next year, it’s time to harness our collective strength as MGEU members.”

In the past, some bargaining units have been reluctant to provide strike mandates or consider potential job action. Ross says the proposed amendments and policy changes that delegates will review in February – including significant increases to strike pay – will better support members when they decide strike action is needed to get a fair deal at the bargaining table.

“If we want a better deal, we must be willing to come together, take a stand, and harness our leverage as a union – which means supporting our bargaining committees with strong strike mandates, and when necessary, taking job action. It’s up to all of us to fight for what we want and we need to update our strike toolbox to put this plan in action.”

The February 24th Special Convention will be held virtually to review the recently adopted Taking a Stand Together bargaining framework, and to debate and vote on proposals that would:

  • significantly increase member strike pay;
  • ensure members are eligible for strike pay even during targeted, rotating, and escalating job actions;
  • ensure the burden of strike action is shared among members when some members must work during a job action;
  • ensure the MGEU Defence Fund can support and sustain strike action when necessary.

Under the MGEU constitution, delegates and alternates elected for the previous biennial convention continue to serve for any special conventions held over the next two years.

Eligible delegates will be contacted early in the New Year and asked to fill out a registration form.