Just as the five-week long strike for liquor workers ends, another begins, with MGEU members working at MPI on the picket lines for fairness.

“Our members at MPI have told us that their priority is to negotiate wage increases that help all members keep up with the soaring cost of living,” said MGEU President Kyle Ross, who added that the latest employer offer of 2 per cent per year falls far short of inflation and far short of what the Premier and cabinet ministers are taking for themselves.

“We are disappointed that the government and the Corporation have once again made aggressive, misleading and disingenuous statements about the current offer before our members. Their claim that they have offered “up to 17%” grossly inflates their actual offer by including non-wage items, one-time payments and other increases that flow only to some members.”

The reality of the offer is that it would provide about half of all MPI members with wage increases of just 2 per cent per year.

Ross said that if a four-year 17 per cent wage increase was actually on the table for ALL MEMBERS, the bargaining committee would have already taken it out for a vote by the membership.

The Committee told the employer they were committed to getting back to the table over the weekend. Instead, the Premier refused to lift her restrictive wage freeze mandate and give MPI the ability to bargain with workers.

 “Everyone knows Premier Stefanson can avert this strike by lifting her 2 per cent wage mandate, just like she did for liquor workers,” said Ross.

Since a deal was not reached over the weekend, a FULL WALKOUT STRIKE of all 1,700 workers began at 7:30 am Monday, August 28 and will continue until further notice.

Local 62-68 members should go to the Latest Bargaining News for the most recent updates sent to members and details about picketing.

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