On September 26, 2023 the government made another “final offer” to MPI workers on strike.

The employer called their new offer "significantly enhanced." However, the Bargaining Committee representing over 1,700 MGEU members at MPI says the wage offer has barely changed from what was previously on the table. There are three ways the offer has changed:

  1. The proposal to submit general wage increases to binding arbitration has been withdrawn by MPI;
  2. A 1% "special adjustment" wage increase was offered to Non-Operations staff (in 2023), matching the existing offer of a 1% “retention adjustment” wage increase for Operations staff (in 2025); and
  3. The extra step that would provide a 3.5% increase to about half of all MPI members in 2024 was moved up to 2023.

“This offer still falls far short of the rising cost of living, and far short of the 3.3% and 3.6% wage increases the Premier and her MLAs are taking for themselves,” said MGEU President, Kyle Ross. “No matter how the government and the Corporation spins and misrepresents their offer, the reality is that one-third of MPI workers would receive wage increases of just 9% over four years. That is not fair.”

MPI members have been on strike since August 28. From the beginning, the Bargaining Committee has said that all members at MPI need wage increases that help them start to catch up and keep up with soaring inflation.

In an emailed update sent to members yesterday, the Committee told members that the latest offer leaves far too many members behind. For that reason, they were not prepared to put this revised offer to a vote at this time.

“The Committee has worked very hard to reach a deal,” said Ross. “After four years without any wage increase at all, all MPI members have earned a fair raise and our Bargaining Committee is prepared to continue discussions until a fair deal can be reached.”

MPI Local 62-68 members should go to the Latest Bargaining News for the most recent bargaining updates emailed to members and details about picketing.

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