In the lead up to the Kinew government’s first Provincial budget, MGEU members have been busy putting forward their priorities at budget consultation meetings, while MGEU President Kyle Ross has presented the government with the union’s 2024 provincial pre-budget recommendations, calling on the Province to make urgently needed investments in public services.

Whether on the frontlines or behind the scenes – during natural disasters, major life events, or routine everyday life – 32,000 MGEU members work every day to provide the services that ensure Manitoba remains a great place to live, work, and grow. But after years of cuts, underfunding, and privatization, Ross says now is the time to invest in the province’s public services.

“We will be looking for an aggressive recruitment and retention effort across the public service reflected in budget 2024,” he said. “Members have been doing more with less and the services Manitobans rely on are suffering.”

Recommendations include a multi-year commitment to recruit and retain workers in the provincial public service. The document also calls for further investments to protect public health care; support quality public education; provide permanent, stable, and predictable funding for community-based social services; and re-establish the priorities of Manitoba’s Crown Agencies, while putting a stop to unaffordable tax cuts until services are restored and the provincial budget is balanced.