It takes a whole team of workers to deliver quality health care in Manitoba. And right now, they need our support to make health care better for all of us.

That’s the message in a new MGEU ad campaign launching next week which focuses on the thousands of dedicated health care workers in many different roles – from allied health to home care and facility support.

This is Health Care – features radio, outdoor, and online ads running this spring to remind Manitobans of the many dedicated workers who are doing the best they can with little support and limited resources.

President Kyle Ross says it is more important than ever to be vocal about what immediate issues can be addressed when it comes to health care workers as many Manitobans continue to struggle getting health care when they need it most.

“Nearly 9000 MGEU members work in over 175 different health care facilities, not to mention those who go to your home -- and they deserve to be recognized for the important role they play in our public health system. They are overworked and underpaid which makes it difficult to attract and keep them working,” said MGEU President, Kyle Ross. “That’s why we’re calling on the government to put an end to the health care staffing crisis and rebuild our public health system.”

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