Why is joining the MGEU the best choice for ECEs?

1. Unionization is the only way for Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) to achieve the kind of salaries, benefits, pensions and standardized working conditions that teachers, nurses, and many educational assistants enjoy today. Decades ago, teachers and nurses were not fairly compensated or respected. But they stood up, fought for their right to unionize, and made a difference.

2. Bargaining as a group, rather than separate centres, will always be the best way for ECEs to make progress at the bargaining table. Teachers and nurses don’t bargain strictly with their individual schools or hospitals. They come together and negotiate with government bodies such as School Divisions and Regional Health Authorities.

3. If ECEs of today don’t take the lead, nothing will ever change. The government will sit back and assume ECEs are content with the status quo. No ECE will ever have a pension. Despite the years of training involved, early education will never be considered a viable “career.” So ask yourself, what do you have to lose by giving it
a try? And what do you, and the next generation of ECEs, stand to gain?

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