For many years, the Manitoba Government paid for employee travel time at the straight time rates under the Collective Agreement. The Province has maintained, by way of policies developed in the 1980’s, that travel time beyond an employee’s regular working schedule was not considered overtime.

The Union has consistently challenged this practice by filing grievances on the issue, but the Province has always successfully defended its position in arbitration.

That all changed on August 23rd, 2006 when Arbitrator Michael Werier determined that time spent traveling beyond an employee’s regularly scheduled hours of work should be paid at overtime rates.

The decision applies to a large number of grievances, some dating back as far as 2001. The Union is presently reviewing the Award to determine what retroactive compensation should be owed to employees.

What this means for employees
This is a significant achievement for government employees as any travel beyond the normally scheduled working day will now be compensated at overtime rates.