On Friday, February 8, MGEU members of the Government Community Workers Component ratified a new four-year contract (effective March 26, 2011 - March 20, 2015) with the Province of Manitoba.

The new agreement for about 1,000 MGEU members, includes improvements to job security and mileage rates as well as a 2.9% general wage increase in the third and fourth years.

Child Development Workers will also see their wages increased to the same level as comparators in the civil service by March 2015, while Direct Service Workers will receive a 1% market adjustment in this contract. A trial program of guaranteed hours for 37 positions across the province will also be introduced – a significant step for members in this field.

The MGEU bargaining committee would like to thank everyone who came out and cast their ballot. The committee has informed the employer of the vote outcome and will now be working to finalize the agreement before it is signed, printed and mailed to members. Members of the component are encouraged to update their contact information to ensure they receive a copy of the new contract once available.