A new MGEU online/TV ad campaign is hitting airwaves ahead of the next provincial budget with a message aimed at Manitobans, asking them to choose ‘public services that help’ over ‘cuts that hurt.’

During the last six years, the Manitoba government has cut funding and thousands of jobs in the public sector (in fact, over 2,300 jobs have been eliminated in the provincial Civil Service alone). Manitobans are seeing the results of these cuts in longer wait times, more delays, and higher costs for the services we all count on.

Strong public services keep our communities together and the new ad reminds Manitobans that if we don’t choose stronger public services, we all pay the price in the end.

With the position vacancy rate hovering dangerously between 20 and 30 percent in many provincial departments, MGEU President Kyle Ross says the government simply hasn’t made sure there are enough workers in place to support children, care for seniors, and ensure our water, roads, and workplaces are safe.

“As Manitobans, we rely on our public services to support our families and each other. The past few years here at home and around the world have really driven this point home,” he said. “It’s important that we make that connection with Manitobans, remind them that when you short-change our public services, when you put profits over people, that everyone suffers. Investing in our public services is not only the best choice, it’s really the only choice we can make. We can’t afford to keep cutting and privatizing our services.”

Starting today, the new ads will be running on TV and online throughout the province over the next several weeks. MGEU members are encouraged to visit KeepUsTogether.ca to learn more and share the campaign message on social media.

Watch the television ad