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MGEU Campaigns

Catch Up Keep Up

After several challenging years at the bargaining table, and the return of high inflation, workers' pay cheques are not going as far as they used to. Our union is only as strong as our members’ resolve and our willingness to stand together when the time comes. If MGEU members truly want to catch up, and keep up with the cost of living, we must all stand up and show our strength.

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Keep Us Together

Manitobans rely on strong public services that support families and keep Manitoba moving. But over the last several years, the Manitoba government has cut / privatized public services and eliminated thousands of jobs in the public sector — good jobs that support children and seniors and ensure our workplaces and communities are safe.

Join the call for the Manitoba government to honour their commitments and protect Manitobans by investing in our public services.

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Healthy Minds At Work

It’s time to take workplace mental health as seriously as we take traditional, physical health and safety issues at work. Employers have a responsibility to protect us from work situations that harm our mental health, and to create a work environment that promotes psychological health and safety.

This campaign aims to raise awareness about workplace mental health, and help us press for employer action on workplace mental health and wellness.

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Keeping Liquor Public

Keeping Manitoba's Liquor Marts public means great service and selection for customers, safer communities, and reinvesting in services for Manitobans everywhere. This coalition of Manitoba organizations believes in keeping liquor public because public serves us better. 

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More Than A Uniform - MGEU Correctional Officers

Correctional officers in Manitoba face different challenges every day. But nothing is more important than keeping Manitobans safe and helping change people’s lives for the better.

This campaign shares with Manitobans the vital work that correctional officers are doing 24 hours a day to keep Manitobans safe, support our communities, and help people get their lives on the right track. 

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