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About MGEU Convention

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Every two years, the MGEU holds a Convention in October which helps determine the Union’s direction for the next twenty-four months. Convention 2023 was held October 19 - 21, 2023 at the Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre in Winnipeg.

To find out more about what happened, read this Convention summary or watch the entire 2023 proceedings, as well as proceedings from past Conventions, on MGEU's YouTube Channel.


Thursday, October 19

  • Delegate Orientation (4pm)
  • In-Person Delegate Registration (6 - 7pm)
  • Convention Proceedings (7pm)

Friday, October 20 (proceedings begin at 9am)

  • In-person Delegate Registration
  • Convention Proceedings
  • All-Candidates Forum (immediately following proceedings)
  • Standing Committee Expo (evening)

Saturday, October 21 (proceedings begin at 9am)

  • Convention Proceedings (Provincial Table Officer Elections in am)
  • Convention Banquet Dinner (evening)

View Full Agenda (PDF)

(Please note: attendance at Convention events is reserved for elected delegates, observers, and invited guests only)

Who Attends Convention?

During the spring before Convention, each MGEU Local elects a Delegate(s) to attend Convention as their representative(s). It’s their job to elect the Provincial Officers (President, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Vice-Presidents) and debate, listen, and vote on resolutions (submitted by Standing Committees, Area Councils, Component Executives and Locals). It’s also their chance to get to know members from across the province, and find out more about the people who help drive our union.

The number of delegates elected is determined by the size of each Local. A Local is entitled to send one delegate for its first 150 members, plus one additional delegate for each additional 100 members, or a major portion thereof.

For 2023, the deadline for electing delegates and alternates was June 30, 2023.