After almost two years at the bargaining table, Southern Tech-Prof/EMS, Prairie Mountain Tech-Prof/EMS, and Medical Transportation Coordination Centre members have ratified a new four-year contract, while Interlake-Eastern Tech-Prof/EMS have rejected the employer’s final offer.

“This was another long and frustrating round of negotiations. It took months for the employer to receive a mandate, and once they did, it wasn’t long before we were final offered,” says MGEU President, Michelle Gawronsky. “Although wage increases were achieved in each year of the agreement, and headway was made regarding EMS wage parity, the Bargaining Committee was often frustrated and disappointed by the lack of attention paid to a number of important issues put forward by members. There is still a lot of work to be done.”

Workers within the bargaining unit include home care case coordinators and resource coordinators, community health workers, paramedics and 911 operators. Those operators, who work at the Medical Transportation Coordination Centre in Brandon, voted separately and ratified the offer on April 19.

All other members within the bargaining unit voted on the offer over the past month and their ballots were counted today.

Because the Interlake-Eastern group rejected the offer, bargaining representatives will be contacting the employer and requesting that the two sides return to the table.

For all other groups who ratified the offer, the union has requested that the employers process and dispense retroactive pay to members as soon as possible. The regional health authorities have up to 60 days from the date of ratification to provide members with retro pay.

Once the contract is finalized, signed, and printed, copies will be distributed to members. Any member of the bargaining unit who has recently changed their home address, is encouraged to update their contact information to ensure they receive a copy.