The MGEU happily welcomes 50 new members from across the province to three brand-new Locals:

- Manitoba Arts Council, Local 444 — an arm’s-length agency of the Province of Manitoba, established in 1965 to promote the study, enjoyment, production and performance of works in the arts. The members in this new Local work in public relations, office management, program consulting and database coordination. They’re integral to the organization by ensuring things like grant applications are done in an organized and meaningful manner.

 - Assiniboine Early Learning Centre, Local 445 — a daycare facility located at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon. These early childhood educators and childcare assistants provide a vital service to other MGEU members working at the College. Their job is to provide top-notch child care that keeps kids intellectually stimulated and challenged, while providing opportunities for physical, emotional and social development.

 - Duke of Marlborough School, Local 446 — An Nursery to Grade 12 School in the Frontier School Division located in Churchill. The majority of the new MGEU members in this Local work as educational assistants. The Local also includes custodial and maintenance workers, the school counselor, and the office secretary to name a few. Working together with teachers and administration, these people are essential to providing the best learning environment possible for students.

 “We continue to see increasing interest from workers looking to our union to represent them. No two groups have the same reason to organize, but I think it’s fair to say that – like every worker – they’re looking for things like improved health and safety, added job security, as well as a better way to enforce fair and consistent employment practices,” said MGEU President Michelle Gawronsky. “These new Locals have recognized that joining our union provides them with a stronger voice in their workplace, and that the MGEU has the experience and expertise to ensure their concerns are addressed. Welcome to our three newest locals.”