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My Money Coach Budgeting Calculator Spreadsheet 
Budgeting 101 and The Truth About Credit Presentation (Single Page Version) 
Budget 101 Materials 
The Truth About Credit Materials

**New for 2023 - Online Extortion – Fraud: Recognize, Reject, Report **

Did you know that 50% of the country is struggling financially, and 50% of the country has no budget? 

Or that a pack of gum a month can improve your credit score? 

This FREE online public webinar with financial educator Tim St. Vincent of the Credit Counselling Society will:

· Help you understand your relationship with money and identify aspects that need improvement

· Teach you how to use credit to your benefit, and correct and recover from past credit errors

A closer look at what the webinar will cover:

Budgeting 101

1+1 = 2.  Most of the time.  Sometimes it equals -3.  That is usually when people wonder, “Where did all the money go?” 
Math is the easy part of budgeting – the tough part is understanding your relationship with money. Like all relationships, some parts of it need work.  Learn to identify those aspects of your money relationship that need improvement, how to make those improvements, and better understand your patterns of behaviour around money.

The Truth About Credit

Did you know buying as little as a pack a gum a month can improve your credit score?
Come learn how!

Credit is neither good nor bad, it is all about how you use it that determines if it will be a tool or a trap.  If used correctly it can be extremely beneficial to your life.  If abused and used in ways that were never intended, it can drag you down to a dark and dangerous place. Learn how to use credit for your benefit.  Learn about the credit bureaus, your credit score and more importantly your credit history and its impact when the credit bureaus have it wrong.  Learn how to correct and recover from these errors and to move forward.

Tim St. Vincent CEPF, C.I.M. (Hons.), is a financial educator with the Credit Counselling Society. The CCS is Canada's leading provider of non-profit consumer credit counselling & debt solution services. https://nomoredebts.org/  Ph: 204-942-8789 or 1-888-948-8960