The Civil Service Superannuation Fund is the pension fund for many MGEU members including those who work for MBLL, MPI, Teranet, and the Civil Service.

Recently the Board that administers the fund, The Civil Service Superannuation Board (CSSB), published an online update to plan members explaining that regardless of work stoppage, either by strike or by lockout, members remain part of the CSSB plan.

CSSB Plan members can find out more details about which aspects of the plan are affected by work stoppage here on the CSSB website

Because the CSSB treats a work stoppage like an unpaid leave of absence -- meaning that members in the plan can purchase the lost time after returning to work as a special service buyback -- they've also got detailed information about how that process works.

If requested, the CSSB will provide information about how the special service buyback purchase will increase an eventual pension -- and the cost to purchase. Once plan members have that information, they can decide whether to go ahead.

MGEU is recommending that any member who is a participant of the Civil Service Superannuation Plan connect directly with CSSB and also with their employer for questions relating to their pension.